You want to always be ready for the harsh climatic conditions by regularly maintaining HVAC system of your Sun Lakes, AZ home. Installing a new thermostat can be a gamechanger since it’s a key component. Following are the major reasons to install a new thermostat.

Mismatched HVAC System and Thermostat

Your HVAC system can perform poorly due to improper settings, dirty air filters and loose connections. If you check and find none of the above, yet your HVAC unit still has issues, it may be a mismatch between the HVAC system and thermostat. If you’ve had a new system installed and didn’t upgrade the thermostat, it could be a mismatch.

Second, you may have considered DIY and installed the wrong thermostat in the past. Either way, fix the issue and involve an expert to check the wiring. After installing a new compatible controller, your AC and furnace will function properly.

A Damaged Thermostat

A number of things can damage thermostats. Fire and smoke destroy sensors, controls and systems while rodents chew wires, leaving them naked and causing electric shorts. You must install a new model since a broken one can result in critical problems with the HVAC unit and wiring.

A Wrongly Placed Thermostat

If you aren’t happy and content with how your HVAC system is heating or cooling your home, your controller may be sending the wrong signals to your AC unit or furnace. Sometimes, the issue isn’t settings or mechanics but the location. For instance, when placed in direct sunlight or near a drafty spot, it malfunctions since it can’t distinguish the real climatic condition of the entire house.

To fix this, consult a specialist for the best relocation spot. Children and pets may also interfere with your controller. Hire an HVAC repair company to install a thermostat locking cover.

Installing a new thermostat is the best solution when your furnace or HVAC unit malfunctions. Contact us at Chandler Air in Sun Lakes, AZ, for the best HVAC maintenance services; we ensure the proper functioning and prevent unnecessary breakdowns.

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