Strange noises coming from your Tempe, AZ furnace often serve as warning signs that something needs to get fixed. It’s critical to know what sounds are normal and which indicate you need to take action. Keep reading to learn about five furnace sounds that demand attention.

1. Screeching or Squealing

Noises like these typically happen because specific parts, such as a belt, break down. Blower motor issues can also contribute to these noises when bearings don’t receive regular lubrication. Whistling noises might indicate the blower motor is experiencing low airflow.

2. Clicks

A healthy furnace might make clicking sounds when it activates and starts running. However, issues might occur if you still hear clicking deeper into the heating cycle. Ignition issues can cause this, but control panel and compressor issues are other potential culprits.

3. Pops and Bangs

It’s common for a home’s furnace to occasionally make popping and banging noises, and they often happen when ducts go through cycles of expansion and contraction. On the other hand, frequent and tremendously loud pops and bangs might be a warning sign, such as a dirty burner making ignition take too long. Leaving this situation untended could result in a cracked heat exchanger, and that’s a dangerous scenario.

4. Rattles

Rattling sounds from a furnace are often just a door or panel that’s loose, so your technician might need to tighten a screw. However, cracked heat exchangers can also make rattling sounds, so it’s a good idea to contact a technician promptly.

5. Scrapes

Scrapes often happen due to blower wheel issues, and the noise is problematic if it sounds like metal on metal. A blower wheel can make scraping noises if it’s loose, but it might also have broken. This is one noise where you must immediately turn the furnace off and schedule a service call.

If you notice any of these furnace sounds in your home, you shouldn’t ignore them. Even when you don’t hear worrisome noises, you should schedule a maintenance call yearly. Contact us at Chandler Air for all your home’s furnace repair services.

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