Your commercial HVAC system is a responsible promoting the smooth running of your business. A well-functioning HVAC system ensures the utmost comfort for customers and employees. Here are four notable commercial HVAC issues in Tempe, AZ.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality exposes your employees and customers to several allergic infections and respiratory diseases. Typically, reduced air quality arises from dust and dirt buildup in the ductwork and air filters. Poor indoor air quality could also be due to gas leaks or overheating components within the HVAC system.

Replacing the HVAC air filters every month is crucial to mitigate the risk of poor indoor air quality. Routine inspection of the air ducts helps to detect and remove clogs that restrict air circulation.

Uneven Temperatures

If some areas of your building are warmer than others, consider calling a professional to check your HVAC system. Uneven heating indicates an underlying issue with the thermostat or dampers. Fluctuating temperatures could also occur due to undetected cracks within the ductwork.

Frequent inspections and maintenance are crucial to diagnose and repair imbalanced heating. Additionally, avoid placing furniture and other items near vents since they obstruct air circulation.

Unexplained Rise in the Heating Bills

Typically, heating bills during winter increase as the outdoor temperatures drop. However, a dramatic increase in the monthly energy bills means that there’s a problem with your commercial HVAC system’s efficiency.

Other reasons for increased heating bills include incomplete fuel combustion and debris accumulation in the air ducts. Faulty thermostats and refrigerant leaks could also contribute to the sudden spike in energy utilities.

Odd Smells

Unfamiliar odors from the HVAC vents require professional attention. Rotten egg odors indicate a possible gas leak within the HVAC unit.

An unpleasant musty odor could be due to excessive microbial growth on the ductwork surface. A burning smell, on the other hand, signifies short-circuiting or melting of the electrical parts.

Contact Chandler Air for excellent commercial HVAC installation and repair services. We provide a broad range of commercial HVAC services to ensure top-tier indoor comfort all year.

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