Living in Chandler, AZ means dealing with intensely hot summers and mild winters. To keep your home comfortable, a heat pump is a wise choice. Because you’ll use your heat pump all year long, all that wear and tear could lead to some problems. Identifying heat pump repair issues early on could save you money and prevent a disruption to your comfort.

Listen to the Heat Pump

One of the easiest ways to detect heat pump repair issues as early as possible is to listen to the sounds the unit makes during a heating or cooling cycle. The system should operate quietly. Normal sounds include a click on and off and the whirring of the blower’s fan. If you hear popping, loud humming, grinding, or banging sounds, your heat pump may be malfunctioning.

Time the Cycles

A properly functioning heat pump’s cycles will last for several minutes, then the unit will turn off for at least a few minutes. If the cycles are short and less than one minute occurs between the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next, this is a problem. According to the Department of Energy, a low refrigerant charge is a common cause of short-cycling in heat pumps. Other possible causes include incorrect system pressure, thermostat malfunctions and capacitor issues.

Examine Your Electricity Bills

Another early sign of heat pump problems is an increase in electricity usage. As heat pumps age, they become less efficient. Many common heat pump problems, such as slow refrigerant leaks, also reduce the heat pump’s efficiency at heating or cooling your home. Look at your electricity bills and compare this month’s kilowatt-hour usage to the same month from last year. Also, take into account the average daily temperature when making your comparison.

For more details about how to identify heat pump repair issues early on, take a look at Chandler Air’s heat pump services, or schedule an appointment with our qualified service technicians today.

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