You enjoy the heat and comfort your furnace brings to your Mesa, AZ, home throughout the winter. However, finding water on the floor near your furnace is a sign you may have a problem. Here are the common reasons why water is coming from your furnace.

Exhaust Problems

Your system should vent the exhaust from your furnace outside before it has a chance to cool. However, if your ventilation pipe doesn’t have enough slope, then it could allow the exhaust to cool and condense. This condensation can then leak from the ventilation pipe and drip around your unit.

Humidifier Leak

If your unit has a built-in humidifier, this could also cause water to come out of your furnace. This happens when there’s a clog in the humidifier or if the humidifier itself has a leak.

First, check to see if your unit has this feature built-in. Next, check for a clog at the water tap line, drain line, and water feed tube.

Also check the outside casing for cracks or signs of a leak. If this is part of your furnace, your technician should inspect it as part of your HVAC maintenance.

Clogged Condensate Drain

The pan under your furnace catches water that comes out from your furnace, most commonly while your AC runs. This water, called condensate, comes from the moisture condensing on the cool AC coil. If you have a high-efficiency condensing furnace, it will also produce some condensate.

The pan should have a drain to take that condensate to either your sump well or out of your home. If the drain has a clog, it will cause condensation to collect and potentially spill out onto your floor.

Faulty Condensate Pump

Some high-efficiency condensing furnaces also have a condensate pump to help get rid of the condensate. Problems with this pump, including a leak, crack, or pump failure, could cause this to leak as well.

Don’t let a leaking furnace cause you to lose sleep and freeze this winter. Call to schedule your furnace repair with one of the NATE-certified technicians at Chandler Air today.

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